I met Krishna Das and Ram Dass in the spring of 1973, just a few days after I was introduced to the book 'Be Here Now' by my brother, Dave. When I first saw a photo in 'Be Here Now' of Neem Karoli Baba's face, I knew he was my Guru.
Sharada Devi, is the name that was given to me in India in 1974 by the Ma's at Neem Karoli Baba's temple. I have traveled throughout India for the past forty plus years. Most of my time was spent in various temples playing music with the kirtan musicians. I began to soak up the melodic tunes and found my heart in constant rhythym with the beat of the drum. The simple repetitions of the chants fill my spirit and bring forth a greater understanding of the dance of true love.

Krishna Das and I were married for some years and have a daughter, Janaki....I also have a daughter, Sakina, from a previous marriage. 


"By chanting the names of the one we open our hearts to immeasurable depths"